In today’s world, visual stories are very crucial. 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Images create emotions, and emotions play a massive role in the decision making process. Without visuals, an idea may be lost in a sea of words. 

A vivid and conclusive story told in medical animation, will find its way into the minds of the target audience and stay there. 3D medical animations can be used to explain cellular and molecular processes, illustrate the function of medical devices, as well as highlight unique organ level processes to demonstrate the action of a drug in the patient’s body.

Visual Storytelling With A Medical Animation

Types Of Animation

3D Animation

  • The use of 3D animation in a marketing campaign leads to faster decision making by th client and as a result, boosting sales!
  • 3D animation directly increases audience retention rate - the time visitors spend on your website.
  • 3D animation allows you to perfectly display processes at molecular, cellular, and organ levels, along with visual realism.
  • Case #1 - Our client, a biotech startup, received a funding of $500,000 - Thanks to a $5,000 investment in medical animation!!!
  • Case #2 - A $15,000 investment in a video animation project led to a 60% increase in sales of our client.
  • Book a Free consultation NOW to learn how to boost sales with a medical animation!!!

Whiteboard Animation

  • Despite the affordable price, this type of animation will allow you to deliver complex data to your clients and also promises you a potential return of investment(ROI)
  • Simple shapes and bright colors on a contrasting white background clearly explain the main features and advantages of your idea or product. Also, when it comes to persuasion, emotion is the primary target for us.
  • An effective tool for increasing user interaction on the website - the viewer intuitively begins to follow the movement of the hand on the screen and gets involved in watching
  • This type of animation is perfect for use in YouTube promotions, SMM and websites.

3D Animation2D

  • Using 2D Animation and motion graphics is a great way to introduce the idea of a product when there is no need to dive into scientific detail.
  • It's organic, the feeling of craftiness is preserved.
  • This type of animation is essential for training and education, interact with HCP's and also to support pharmaceutical sales representatives.
  • Get in touch with our expert to find out how to do it. It's free.

The Workflow Of A Medical Animation Project

Our team consists of animation and medical professionals. Thanks to this unique mix of skills, we offer the best creative solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Pacific Sun Production was founded by Michael Warner In 1991, a full-service production company. We are experts in capturing real stories of real people and creating branded content that inspires, informs and connects on a human level. We collaborate with companies, agencies and people in the healthcare, biomedical arena to create branded healthcare video production content. We are passionate people doing what we love: creating video production and digital content. We achieve success by exceeding your expectations, and taking pride in every project we take on. 

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