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Medical explainer videos are medical animations used to explain medical concepts and medical information in more detail. They have been proven to improve patient understanding, help patients make better informed medical decisions, and aid medical doctors in communicating with their patients.

The phrase “instead of a thousand words” has already become hackneyed in the world of video production, but this is still true. Getting investors’ attention is not the easiest thing to do because they see tons of different pitches. What can you do to stand out from other startups?

Animated medical explainer videos grab attention; that is why they are one of the most popular approaches to pitch a startup, so why not use it? It’s no surprise that most investors would love to watch a video rather than read a business plan. This is a great way to increase your chances of being noticed.

Animated videos are perfect to represent complex startups because they make it possible to clearly articulate the meaning of your project in 1 or 2 minutes and keep potential investors focused on the information they’re getting.

Why do you need to use medical explainer videos?

Well, 85% of new companies use explainer videos and animations. This is a high enough indicator to think that there is something about it. And customers reciprocate – paradoxically coinciding 85% of users want to see even more branded video content.

  • Animated explainers deliver the idea faster and in the most concrete way.
  • Medical animation explainer videos facilitate the understanding of complex subjects.
  • Medical animation explainer videos are super engaging and memorable.

 Here is an overview of what your investor pitch deck video should cover:

  1. A short company overview – what’s your vision
  2. The problem you are solving
  3. The solution your startup is offering
  4. The market opportunity within your industry
  5. How is your product different than other products?
  6. Info on the market research your company has conducted
  7. Your marketing plan and business model
  8. How much money are you asking for?

 Be sure to close with your contact information to show investors have no issue following up with you! How can you do it? Contact us, find a solution for you within any budget, and help you prepare for the presentation even within a very tight deadline.


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